The Blackbird – Blurb

So. Novel blurb (much thanks goes to Ry for the serial edits). Does it interest you? And if not, why? All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Seventeen and on the brink of stepping into society, Serah is well-known in Porthaven as the spoiled and insufferable daughter of a merchant family. By night she is the notorious Blackbird, a thief responsible for the downfall of several merchant families and a hero to the oppressed travs.

Van is a young trav who reminds Serah of someone from her past. After an encounter in Porthaven’s marketplace, Serah agrees to take the boy on as her student, teaching him how to read and write and fight. But their meeting that day was not simply by chance, and Van has his own reasons for seeking out the infamous Blackbird.

As their relationship grows and the bonds between them tighten, Serah and Van must both decide what they are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve their dreams.

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