Change of Plans

Featured Image: Scott.Webb I know, it’s been almost a year since my last post. A lot has happened in that time, not least of which my novel has changed completely. Instead of being set in that kind of WWII period where one nation has taken over the surrounding nations, I’ve shifted the timeline back to […]

Broken Blade and World War 2 Germany

Image Source I’m currently at the world-building stage for my latest YA fantasy, codenamed Broken Blade. The world (or at least area) it’s set in contains a number of small, neighbouring kingdoms. The backstory begins with the king of one of those kingdoms, Edgar, wanting to wipe out all magic users – that is, people […]

3D Characters

Supplement to my article, Oh, The Humanity! on Magnificent Nose. Image Source In the article, I talked about how I make my characters more human by exploring how they’d react in mundane situations, and taking advantage of all of their senses. So in this blog post, I’ll go through that exercise for one of my […]

In Defence of Beta Readers

Warning: Rant ahoy! This is not directed at anyone in particular, it’s just a general trend I’ve noticed that’s really, really peeved me off. The beta reader is the most underrated role in the writing process. People think that it’s a simple job – why, they’re just reading a book, aren’t they? It’s the easiest […]